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Talbots Spring 2014 – Favorites

Hey Glossies,

So the Polar Vortex is returning to my neck of the woods.  But all I can think about is spring and what I want to wear during that season.  Talbots Spring 2014 collection has begun to appear in the store and I have some favorites for the season.  The collection reinforces Talbots’ preppy roots.

Below are my faves:

Talbots Circle-lace dressTalbots Medallion-lace topTalbots Spring Lawn ShirtsTalbots Spring Outfit1Talbots Spring Outfit2Talbots Spring Outfit3Talbots Spring Outfit4Talbots Spring Outfit5Talbots Spring Outfit6Talbots Spring Outfit7

What are your favorites for Spring?

Mix Maven


Spring Fashion Color Report 2014

Pantone Women's Spring Fashion Color Report 2014

Pantone has selected some great colors for Spring 2014.

The colors for Spring 2014 are Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock,  Paloma, Sand, Freesia, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Dazzling and the color of the year, Radiant Orchid.

In the sets below, I incorporated all the colors into 4 different looks.  I selected solids to showcase the richness of the colors and how flexible you can be with the color combinations, but don’t hesitate to search for prints with these color combos.  Prints always add more visual interest.

Pantone Spring Colors 2014 1
Pantone Spring Colors 2014 1 by pumpsandgloss featuring betsey johnson jewelry

Simple does not have to be boring.  In Set 1, Paloma and Dazzling Blue were used.  The colors are enhanced with a pop of white and the ‘blurred lines’ of the clutch.

Pantone Spring Colors 2014 2
Pantone Spring Colors 2014 2 by pumpsandgloss showing what to wear with a sleeveless blouse

In Set 2, I used the Celosia Orange, Hemlock and Sand.  In this set, Hemlock (light green) is used as an accent color.  The Celosia orange punches up the combo with a freshness and excitement.  Though very neutral, Sand earns it keep in these tailored shorts, by not receding into the background.  If shorts are not your thing, opt for a pencil or A-line skirt.

Pantone Spring Colors 2014 3

Pantone Spring Colors 2014 3 by pumpsandgloss showing what to wear with platform pumps

In Set 3, I used Cayenne, Violet Tulip and Freesia.  Cayenne (mid tone coral) will never not be en vogue in my world.  The warmth of Cayenne and Freesia heats up this outfit. The Violet Tulip  (the sandal pumps) is close by to cool down the other 2 colors, but not allowing any of the fabulousness to decrease.

Pantone Spring Colors 2014 4
Pantone Spring Colors 2014 4 by pumpsandgloss showing how to wear 18k white gold jewelry

In Set 4, I used Placid Blue and Radiant Orchid. The Radiant Orchid is a lovely focal point.  The Placid Blue, in the necklace and pumps, offers a refreshing contrast.

What are your favorite colors or  color combinations for Spring 2014?

Mix Maven


Beauty Bubble – 12 Best Eye Shadows
12 Best Eye Shadows

These 12 game-changers will give you the crease-free, long-lasting application you crave

12 Best Eye Shadows

This is a Makeup article

The right eye shadow can make or break your look. After all, your smoky eye is only as good as the shadows you use to create it — and nobody likes looking in the mirror and finding their perfectly applied shadow caked, flaked and creased everywhere. To make sure this never happens again, we found the 12 best reader-reviewed eye shadows that will take you through the 9-to-5 grind and beyond.

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Readers adore these long-lasting shadows, which have “a creamy gel texture that is easy to work with.”

No. 11: WET N WILD COLOR ICON SINGLE EYESHADOW, $1.99 average reader rating: 9.3

Other than the crazy low price, the “truly creative, fun, sexy” color options are what make these Wet n Wild shadows must-buys.

NO. 10: PIXI EYE BEAUTY KIT, $28 average reader rating: 9.4

“You can go from a neutral to a smoky eye easily, and they last a long, long time.”

Want to see the No.1 eye shadow? Click Here!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Pencils

Hey Glossies,

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has launched 12 Cosmetic Colour Pencils that are billed as long wearing. The colors range from neutrals to brights. The pencils are versatile – can be used on brows, eyes, and lips. *


They are available at Sephora and OCC’s website.


I am looking forward to trying the colors: Sybil, Tarred, Black Dahlia and Hoochie.

Are you excited about the new OCC colour pencils? If so, which colors are must haves?

Mix Maven


*Some of the colors are not eye safe.


The 7 Beauty Products Launching in January
The 7 Best Beauty Products Launching in January

You won’t want to miss these new products, coming this January to a drugstore near you

The 7 Best Beauty Products Launching in January

This is a Health & Beauty article

Holiday shopping has not been kind to our bank accounts, which is why we’re thrilled that some of the best products launching this January can be found at stores like Target and CVS. From a BB Cream for your body (prediction: this is going to fly off the shelves) to a dry shampoo that won’t leave your hair matte and dull, there’s a little something for everyone.

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FRAAS Scarf Collection 2013

Hey Glossies,

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Carols have been sung, eggnog has been consumed, presents have been opened. What else is there to do? Hmmm well, it is time to spend those gift cards buying wonderful goodies.


Allow me to recommend the Fraas reversal scarf. It comes in several different color combos and is a great option for fall and winter. The scarf is made of viscose and acrylic. It is comfy around the neck.  Pair it with a trench coat, blazer or wool coat!



Beauty Bubble – 11 Haute, Not Hippie, Vegan Beauty Products
11 Haute, Not Hippie, Vegan Beauty Products

Going green is better for the environment and better for you — but it can be tough to find products that work. These vegan beauty products will wow you

11 Haute, Not Hippie, Vegan Beauty Products

This is a Makeup article

“Vegan” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “ineffective.” Newsflash: You don’t have to sacrifice your ethics to find a product that works. We tried a slew of vegan beauty products and found the ones that we’ll be working into our current beauty routine. Check out these 11 completely cruelty-free products.

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Preppy Plus – Playing With Color

Hey Glossies,

Playing with color can be so much.  Think about the time when getting a 64-crayon box made the sun shine brighter.   I still love the joy that colors bring. My rule on color is the brighter the better and all at the same time. :) Ok, well, I do need a bit more balance.

In the OOTD, I started with the Boden Pique Mini (navy irregular spots).  Paired it with a fuchsia top, royal blue shoes, turquoise purse and black jeweled necklace.  I selected the royal blue shoes because I thought it would make the navy blue dots pop out more than if I wore a navy or neutral-colored shoe.  The turquoise purse added the extra punch.

I opted for the J. Crew black diamond necklace, but I think adding more color would have been just as fun.

J Crew Black Diamond Necklace

I also love these necklace options:

The Tasha Frontal Necklace


Tasha Frontal Necklace

BaubleBar Peony Pendant

Bauble Bar Peony Pendant



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