Friday Footwear – Kate Spade Karolina

Hey Glossies,
Today’s Friday Footwear comes from Nikkia of Silver Lips Beauty.  She is also a founding member of Partners in Pretty (PIP).  Nikkia is a lady jack of all trades and a master of them all!! She is a singer, accomplished make-up artist among other things.  Like the other ladies of PIP, she is an awesome person!

Friday Footwear

Nikkia explains why she selected the Kate Spade Karolina Pumps.

Kate Spade Karolina Pumps

“When it comes to shoes, I live in a fantasy world. Because having a larger foot, sometimes, means the shoes I want (and I mean want really bad) aren’t going to come in my size. This year my fantasy is colorful classic shoes . My personal style is classic with a twist. And I love to add a pop of color or bold statement piece to add a little something to my wardrobe and this shoe does it for me.”

Stylist Corner

The Kate Spade Karolina pump is pretty.  Even though the spearmint shade of green seems more spring-friendly.  There are people who live in warm climates year around who do not want to let go of the certain colors .  Saying all that, this heel can definitely see some action in the autumn/winter seasons.  When I think of mint, I think of cool and refreshing.  Sometimes, the cool brisk air of autumn can rejuvenate like mint.  Yet, we can drink mint tea to keep up warm. Like Nikkia, mint does it all (and well)!

Spare The Mint


Spare The Mint by pumpsandgloss featuring sparkle jewelry

The look that I created includes a lot of charcoal grey, which I love because it plays very nicely with most, if not all colors.  I added a deep purple bag to add more pop of color, which also works well the mint green.

The morale for today is, do not relegate colors to specific seasons…ENJOY all colors all-year ’round.

Mix Maven


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