Our Jams – Love Songs Version

We are big India Arie fans – here is “Brown Skin” (above) and “The Truth” (below).

One of our P&G readers, D-Dub, requested Ruff Endz’ “Someone To Love You.”  This was, and still is, the jam!  Thanks D!

[youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=Noy2asn6eBM%5D

Isn’t Kindred The Family Soul a great example of love?  “Stars” is a “great celebration of love” song.

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  • Jam Bella September 27, 2007 at 9:57 PM

    Yo, I luvs the India.Arie… Cant wait to see her in concert. One of my favorite songs is “Without You” by Incognito.

    Here are some of the lyrics:
    Lying awake in my bed, thinking things you said
    Everything that I do, somehow leads me to you
    (Closer to your love)
    Lift my spirit so high, you’re all I need to get by
    I’ve been counting days, forever thinking ways
    (To get closer to your love)
    This loneliness will end the day you reappear

    (Nice long-distance love song)