Mother’s Day Picks 2008

Everything I Am

Happy Wednesday, I realize that all artistic geniuses are troubled, which explains Kanye’s frequent rants and why some artists consider suicide as cure all for personal angst. (Mental illness should no longer be ignored!) Saying all that, Kanye West was a good sport for doing the skits on Saturday Night Live of his obnoxious ranting […] Read more…

Glossy Monday Variety ~ 10/01/2007

Our Jams – Love Songs Version

You cannot say “love song” without thinking of Luther Vandross.  Here is “A House Is Not A Home.”  We miss you Luther! We are big India Arie fans – here is “Brown Skin” (above) and “The Truth” (below). Where is Jesse Powell hiding?  “You” is from his first cd, which was self titled.  GREAT cd for […] Read more…

Glossy Monday – Sex and Love Week

Happy Monday Glossy Ones, Welcome to Pumps and Gloss’ Sex and Love Week!  If you want to see something specific this week, feel free to let us know! MONDAY MELODIES Since it is Sex and Love Week, I will share my favorite Sex song and favorite Love song. Usher sets the mood with “Seduction.”  I […] Read more…

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