Beauty Bubble – 13 Ickiest Lip Glosses
13 Ickiest Lip Glosses

Don’t look to these glosses for kiss-worthy lips. Readers say these left their lips chapped, goopy and worse

13 Ickiest Lip Glosses

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From glosses that “smell like moth balls” and “feel like little bits of broken glass,” it’s safe to say that these are best left in the 99 cent bin. Don’t waste your money on these awful lip products.

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No. 13: LORAC Lip Polish, $17.50 average member rating: 5.9

This is “somewhat sticky, not very long lasting,” and “not worth the price.”

No. 12: E.L.F. Plumping Lip Glaze, $1 average member rating: 5.7

“Not only does it not plump your lips, but it smells so disgusting. I can’t even describe the scent …”

No. 11: Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme, $9.49 average member rating: 5.7

“Smell: hideous. Taste: awful. Price: outrageous. Fullness: no change.”

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  • Styrch March 25, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    Hey girl! I agree with you about the Lorac to an extent. They’ve been on Hautelook so much lately it’s EASY to get it Lip polish for about $5. I’ve amassed a bit of a collection. Some of them can be quite pigmented, but I found the paler colors to be really bad for me. Da Bomb remains my fav. Thought I’d mention that, though, if you were looking for it for cheaper.