Every Woman Should Know….

  1. Her Family Health History
  2. Her Family Tree
  3. Her Blood Type
  4. Her bank account balance
  5. How to save money
  6. How to work smarter, not harder
  7. How to get out of a funk
  8. How to have fun
  9. How to keep cool during heated situations
  10. How benefits at work apply to her
  11. How to cook
  12. How to pose for pictures
  13. How to decorate her home Bedroom Decor
  14. How to do her hair when her hairdresser is not available
  15. How to use a screwdriver and a wrench
  16. How to hang a picture
  17. That is it perfectly fine to be single and/or not have children
  18. The rules of the game – football, basketball
  19. How to make a floral arrangement
  20. Her Spiritual Gifts
  21. How to maintain or improve her credit score
  22. Her Local and National Elected Officials
  23. Her local National Public Radio (NPR) Station
  24. Alternative news sources – i.e. BBC News and Caribbean Net News
  25. Her HIV/AIDS Status
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