TGIF Everyone!!! Today is a special day; I welcome Kool Kitty as our newest writer. Kool Kitty will bring a different perspective on our Sexual Inhibitions to the Pumps and Gloss Family. We welcome Kool Kitty to the family. Now without further ado, I present Kool Kitty.

Communication is one of the key elements in developing a foundation for a relationship in addition to trust, honesty, commitment, and mutual respect of course. But without communication you cannot experience the other elements needed to develop such a relationship. When we think about communication with our mates, we often think outside of the box; the box being the bedroom. We talk about what our favorite color is or about our pet peeves and some of us are even capable of communicating our emotions and feelings toward someone but when it comes to pillow talk, I’d be willing to bet that many of us are uncomfortable communicating to our mates what turns us on in the bedroom. A few weeks ago, I saw the movie 300 and when Leonidas was making love to his queen people started snickering in the movie. Grown ass people and I’m thinking to myself, “What hell is so funny?” The sex scene was hot…I mean he was giving it to her good so it occurred to me that people were actually uncomfortable watching the sex scene in the movie. I then asked myself if people can’t even watch sex without feeling uneasy how much more difficult it must be to talk about it?

The answer is a lot but I have learned through my own experience that if you want to have great sex then you better stand up and say so and that is only going to be accomplished through communicating with your partner. Whether you’re looking for a booty-call or a boyfriend, I firmly believe that communicating your sexual desires and fantasies is the first step to many wonderful orgasms. Some people seem to think that sex doesn’t matter or shouldn’t be a major part of one’s relationship. Well I say, don’t listen to those people. They’re probably not having great sex but wish they were. If you have fantasies of tying up your mate with handcuffs and smacking them on the ass with a whip and you haven’t told your mate yet because you’re afraid he/she may not want to play along, shame on you. If you’re a freak, you need to communicate this to your mate. Your mate might be too and if they are not maybe they’ll be open to your freaky ways if you just give them a chance. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Have I said that enough? Yea, I think I have. And with that I leave you. Let’s make peace, make love, and have great SEX.

Kool Kitty

P.S. Since we were talking about sexual desires and fantasies, I’m sure the readers would love to read yours. Email them to [email protected]. They will be published in next week’s article anonymously with only the city and state. Kool Kitty is very discrete.

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