Prescriptives Custom Blend Replenishment Online…Coming Soon

I know many of us were sad about the shuttering of the Prescriptives brand in early 2010.  Many of us were wondering how we were going to live without custom blend foundation that we are fond of.  Well, I sure was excited when I got word that customers can get their custom blend foundations online in January 2010.  If you want to try the custom blend, I suggest going to a counter and getting your own recipe. I plan on doing that ASAP.  I know my homegirl, SH, is relieved because she didn’t know what to d because she has very sensitive skin.  So run to the Prescriptives to get the your recipe…soon!!

Prescriptives Custom Blend Online

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  • Sweet Breeze November 19, 2009 at 2:36 PM

    Omg!!! That foundation is the truth.