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Have you ever wondered, “Should I Masturbate?”What joy will I get out of stroking myself?”

I read Zane’s Manual, “The Art of Masturbation,” which is very interesting might I add. In this manual, the art of masturbation is tackled Zane style. To me, Zane gives you more of the general concept of masturbation rather than techniques. Zane breaks down the shattering myths people believe if they perform masturbation. You couldn’t possibly believe what people think happen once you masturbate. Here is a sample from the manual:

“…Will a man’s dick get bigger or smaller from masturbation? Hells naw! If that were true, half the men would be lifting dumbbells with their dicks and the other half would be limp dick leprechaun midgets. Can you catch a disease from masturbation? That shit is so stupid, I am not even going to go there. If you honestly have to sit there and ponder the issue, you need to seek professional help immediately cause your ass is stupid.

Can masturbation cause a dick or pussy to become deformed? Hmmm, let me think! Hells naw! Do you have any idea how many people masturbate? That would mean everybody’s shit would be f***ed-da-hell-up.

You will make yourself sick if you eat your own cum.”

(Sample was taken from the Manual located at

That is just a few of the myths Zane touched upon. To view more, make sure you go to Zane’s website. Come on now, what would make people think you can catch a disease from touching yourself. LOL!!!!!!!! If you do, then your behind was nasty in the first place. Enough of the myths, Zane also touches upon the names for masturbation parties such as “Jack-and-Jill” when you have many people touching each other to reach the greatest climax. Jack is for guys in a group and Jill is for women masturbating.

If you are looking for techniques on how to masturbate, do not read Zane’s manual. Zane’s manual is plainly for fun. You will definitely get a good laugh out of myths and the names people give masturbation for men and women. For techniques on masturbation please visit and click on Masturbation. This site will break down the history and if you want explore more about masturbation click on female masturbation.

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