The First Time

Do you remember your first time?

[youtube “First Time” by Yung Joc with Marques Houston and Trey Songz

Not your very first time, but the first time with your current love or a past love.

“It ain’t nothing like the first time…”

You know how it is when you prepare to be with your man for the first time.  You know when and where it is going to go down.  So you prepare –

  • You gotta shave your legs and any other hair on your body – we even trim up our vaginas!
  • Go through the process of getting your hair just right – just for it to get messed up
  • Go get the nails and toes done – those feet have to be soft
  • Take a long bath or shower with fragrant shower gels
  • Spraying perfume in the right areas
  • Fresh clean sheets, maybe some candles or incense to set the mood
  • Lingerie – lace or silk?  Boy short or thong?  Decisions, decisions.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

“Whisper sweet nothings, now you’re bushing, chills down your spine…”

Your man knows what’s going to go down.  He’s going to come over with his game ready.  Sweet talk, flirting, intense eye contact, touching on the sly – we are hip to the game.  As the old saying goes, one thing leads to another.

“Tell me your Vicky’s secrets, tell me all the dirt…”

When it comes to sex, it has been well reported that men are visual, unlike women, who are emotional.  That’s why your man wants to keep the lights on.  For the shy woman, this is where your candles come in to play.  Work out your lingerie pieces, your bra and panty sets, and in the grand scheme of things, you can walk into the room naked and I’m sure your man will smile.

“You smell like peaches, must be Bath and Body Works…”

Men love it when we smell good Ladies.  Side Note = Bath and Body Works has brought back their peach scent – Sparkling Peach is awesome.  We don’t invest in perfumes and body splashes for nothing.   Spray some on your sheets and pillow cases for good measure.  Never put perfume on your nipples or neck because it will burn his tongue = not sexy….unless your man is a freak like that.

The CD version says, “I blew yours, you blew mine“; The Radio version says, “You got yours, I got mine…”

In a perfect world, you will be satisfied and so will he.  While that does happen, there are times when dude doesn’t do his part.  I hate a selfish lover!  Ladies, in this instance, cut him from the team real quick.  You don’t want to be stuck with someone like that for the long run.  Now, if it was all good, keep enticing your man back for more.  Try to surprise him with something different each time, even if you just cycle through your bag of tricks.  It’s very important to keep your sex life fresh and new.

There really isn’t nothing like the first time, so I hope you have fond memories!

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  • Mix Maven June 8, 2007 at 2:37 AM

    As my friend’s friend says she has a roster looking for the MVP, so you are right about kicking the guy off the team. No free agency…no trade!!