To Hose or Not To Hose

Hey Glossies,

Lately, I have been having discussions about hosiery preferences, whether to wear pantyhose or not and where to wear them.  The discussion started because Duchess Catherine is rarely seen without hosiery. The young ladies of Europe tend to wear pantyhose on a regular basis, while their American counterparts tend to opt out of wearing hosiery.  Some ladies are of the opinion that pantyhose are a must for work and formal events. There are other ladies who have decided that, unless the weather dictates hosiery, they will not wear pantyhose at all.  My beliefs are somewhere in the middle.

Hosiery Rules

I have several hosiery rules. The rules include events, locations and how prominent I feature in said events and locations and weather.

  1. The length of skirt is the key predictor of whether I wear pantyhose or not.  When I am running errands around town, I do not wear pantyhose at all. I do not feel it is necessary because I only wear casual skirts in the summertime.   I won’t wear pantyhose to church if the skirt hem falls an inch above the knee or below the knee. If my skirt hem falls a few inches above the knee, I always pantyhose.
  2. If I am going to be upfront at church, I always wear pantyhose for modesty reasons. I also make sure that my skirt hits below the knee, so when I sit down, the skirt does not ride up too much. I usually wear an outfit in a dark color and wear black hosiery.

    Hosiery Look for being upfront in church
  3. Event – If I attending a wedding, I would probably wear pantyhose. Other formal events, I definitely wear pantyhose, in a flesh tone shade.  To social events, I do not like to wear hosiery.
  4. Weather – From mid-September to the end of April, I wear pantyhose to church and other formal events.

Do you have any hosiery rules? Are you a fan? Do you hate wearing hosiery?

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  • Bex August 26, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    Pantyhose are not my favorite, but I will wear them if I have to.

  • Diva08 August 26, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    Sexy legs. Great post!