Sometimes you hear stories of people and their wildest sex escapade and you wonder if the entire story was embellished to catch your attention. As I was searching online I ran across some stories of individuals and their freakiest sexual adventure. Some of the stories I read were believeable and then some seem to be bogus and others are for pure entertainment. So, I thought I would do something different by sharing a story of someone’s real life freak adventure. I hope you enjoy the reading!! More real life adventures can be found on Zane’s website

The story was written by Anonymous, taken from

“I have never told anyone about this before. My experience all started on the bus with this guy named Brandon. Normally, I’m shy and rarely speak to guys; especially when I am alone. I was not surprised that he was staring at me because I am pretty. People encourage me to try modeling and in many ways, he looked like a model himself. He was handsome, tall, with this yummy caramel skin. I went from shy to aggressive and asked him if planned to stop staring or ask me for my phone number. He nodded that he wanted the number so I gave it to him. He called that same night and we talked for about a week. We only discussed being friends and sex honestly did not cross my mind; at first. I went over to his apartment the following week, confident that he wouldn’t try anything, but he opened up the door wearing nothing but shorts. He had just finished showering and his skin was glistening. He had muscles for days and suddenly I realized he was going to be my man.

He was watching a movie and I did not ask him to change the channel. There was a lot of tension in the beginning, then he asked me to sit closer to him. He kissed me on the neck, which shocked me because I did not believe he was that physically into me based on our phone conversations. He unzipped the front of my black dress and licked and sucked on my breasts. He whispered in my ear, “Have you ever had your pussy eaten before?” I replied, “No, never.” I did not want him to do it either but then he asked me to be his girl. He we bold enough to say he wanted me to be his wife. I felt like sex that night was out of the question. What kind of way was that to start a relationship?

Yet, his kiss was so on point that he had my entire body shivering. I gave in and allowed him to do whatever he wanted to do; beginning with eating me out. It felt so good as he went up and down and round and round with his tongue. All of a sudden his cousin walks in and he wants to taste me also. I let him go for it and went from having my first oral sex experience to having my first threesome. Brandon climbed on top of me and f***ed me better than anyone had before him. I was so wet and tight and he was the perfect fit; like a hand to a glove. We were so spent from the first go round, we could not manage a second. Three days later, I came back yearning for some more. This time I went down on him. I had sworn to never suck a dick but I felt he needed to be rewarded for sexing me so damn good. I wasn’t bad at all, I even liked it, and now I can’t stop sucking dick. I’m even into swallowing. You probably think we were just going to have a sex thing for a while and part ways. Wrong. We’re loving the hell out each other and we’re engaged.”

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