How to Perform Fellatio


Giving great fellatio is not a difficult task once you know where to begin.

Let’s first talk about semen. You may or may not enjoy the taste of semen (salty and sour with a somewhat viscous texture) depending on your partner or your own preferences. Semen tastes different depending on the man. If you prefer not to swallow or spit the semen, you may ask your partner to signal you when he reaches the point before climax. At this point, continue gentle stimulation with your hands. You may also want to use condoms, which are highly recommended in the practice of safer sex anyway will make it even more interesting. If you are not using condoms, there are lubricants that come in a wide variety of flavors and can often help heighten the sensitivity of the penis during fellatio. A particularly good one to try out here is Good Head Gel, which comes in mint and cinnamon. (I prefer Mint.) This gel creates an exciting icy heat for the man while providing a delicious taste for his partner. As a note, your jaws do not tire as quickly using Good Head. You are able to possibly deep throat with good head gel.

Another issue for many people is whether or not to “deep throat” or take the penis past the gag reflex in the throat. Many people have learnt how to control their gag reflex, but good fellatio does not depend on deep throating. Many men do not even notice when you do it. Remember ladies that the man must be comfortable and you need access to the genitals. Some positions to place yourself in while performing fellatio is for the man receiving to sit or lie on a bed with his partner kneeling or laying on the ground in front of him. This gives you access to the penis, scrotum and anus. Another position is for the female to lie on her back and the male insert and withdraw from the mouth. You can also try the “69” position. (This way it is mutual oral sex.) It can be done on all fours or laying on each other’s side.

Tip for Fellatio

When performing fellatio, don’t concentrate solely on the penis. The surrounding areas are also very sensitive. For example, massaging the area between the scrotum and the anus will drive your man wild.

The Main Event

Okay, we’ve learned about stimulating the areas around the penis, it is time to learn about how to stimulate the penis itself. While the penis is a generally sensitive organ, there are many areas of the penis which are not particularly responsive to stimulation. When learning how to give great fellatio you must concentrate on the most sensitive areas of the penis. The first area which is particularly sensitive is the frenulum. This is the area just below the head of the penis on the underside, and is perhaps the most sensitive part of the penis. The seam of the penis which runs from the scrotum to the head, the base of the penis, and the entire head of the penis are other sensitive areas. You can concentrate on these by licking or sucking just around the particular area.Once you have the penis in your mouth there are a couple of guidelines which will make oral sex more pleasurable for your partner and less stressful for you. First of all, most men do not like the feeling of teeth on their penis. Teeth can cause discomfort and may even rip the skin if you are not careful. There are some men who like a little bit of the friction which teeth can provide but it is best to minimize teeth to penis contact. This is easily accomplished by tucking your lips around your teeth before you perform fellatio. A way to practice is to place your lips together and teeth apart. Open your lips slowly while keeping your teeth apart and there you have it. Another important aspect of fellatio is lubrication. Most people use their own saliva as lubrication. If you are using a condom for fellatio, try to buy an unlubricated variety. Lubricated condoms tend to have a bad taste. If you’d like to try lubricant during fellatio, you can purchase a flavored lubricant to turn a normal latex condom into something tasty, or use it on its own for a unique experience.

These and many other practical tips are available in Nina Hartley’s Guide to Oral Sex (2000). Porn-starlet Nina Hartley guides the viewer about orally pleasing a man in this revolutionary how-to video. Nina explains and demonstrates various fellatio techniques, giving her own personal insights on arousing your partner, and shares her years of sexual experience. This is the best instructional video on the subject.

Sensual Element

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