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The Oscars

Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer Hudson and Mr. Forest Whitaker on their Oscar wins.

jennifer hudson - associated press
Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Effie White in Dreamgirls. I was so happy for Jennifer because, for one, I am an Idol junkie and I loved her on the show. Also, it just shows you how you never know what God has in store for you and how you should never give up on your dreams. Jennifer could have easily given up after losing out on Idol, but she kept going and put in a Oscar winning performance in Dreamgirls, her first film. How awesome is that! To top it off, she also performed with Dreamgirls co-stars Beyonce Knowles, Anika Noni Rose, and Keith Robinson. They did a great job but was it me or was Beyonce a little extra while she was performing – watch below and judge for yourself.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHCr7AJmw-o%5D

jennifer hudson - www.oscar.com
I loved Jennifer’s dress that she wore when she performed but I hear Jennifer wasn’t too pleased with her dress on the red carpet. Jennifer told Matt Lauer Tuesday on the Today Show that her Oscar dress was her only regret of the night. Page Six reports that Jennifer was sponsored Oscar night by Vogue and stylist, fashion editor Andre Leon Tally. Andre insisted that she wear the Oscar de la Renta dress with the gold, python bolero jacket. Jennifer really didn’t want to wear it, so noted celebrity stylist Jessica Paster got her a gold custom made Robert Cavalli dress. Andre went straight diva and had a fit, so Jennifer went with the dress he chose. I see Jennifer took the jacket off during the ceremony and changed into another dress for the press room. Well, anyway, love you Jennifer, way to go.

forest whitaker - www.oscar.com
Forest Whitaker took home the Oscar for Best Actor In A Leading role for The Last King Of Scotland for his portrayl of Idi Amin. I have not seen the film yet, but everyone says the Forest does an excellent job playing evil dictator. With success comes crazy exs and family members from out of the wood work. Rumor has it that Forest’s ex and mother of his 16 year old son, Ocean, Monique Miller said she is still in love with him and hopes he leaves his current wife Keisha Nash to come back to her. She said she began dating Forest when he was a struggling actor and she was a publicity agent. She didn’t think he was attractive but fell in love with his personality. She said that their relationship was wonderful until fame got to Forest and he started messing around with different women. She recalls how she went to their old house and found condoms on the floor and evidence that woman had been there, went crazy and destroyed some paintings and his bed. She said she was covered with feathers and syrup from pancakes Forest was eating in bed. She says that she was arrested and Forest did not post bail for her. She does say that Forest is a great father and a good man and hopes he comes back to her. I don’t know Forest – I think it was good you let this one go.

eddie murphy - www.oscar.com
I was bummed Eddie Murphy didn’t win for Best Supporting actor. I thought he was great as Jimmy Early. He won all the other major awards and got looked over at the Oscars. He should have won for this scene alone. “Jimmy Got Soul” “Jimmy Want Mo”.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjFLuSJQ78I%5D

Bobby Got His Child Support Paid

bobby brown - associated press
Bobby Brown got his child support paid by radio station Hot 99.5 In Washington, DC. Apparently Bobby is now working at the station to pay off his debt. Bobby was recently arrested when failing to pay support to Kim Ward, mother of two of his teenage children. I guess he has to go to desperate measures since Whitney ain’t around anymore. Read the story for yourself right here.

Anna Nicole Is Finally Laid To Rest

anna nicole smith - www.ultimatecelebrities.com
Anna Nicole was buried yesterday in Nassau, Bahamas near her son, Daniel. She was buried in a designer gown and her coffin was covered by a pink rhinestone blanket spelling out her name. Her memorial service was lavish and themed in pink, Anna’s favorite color. One hundred people attended. Country singer Joe Nichols sang two songs at the service. The fight still continues over custody of Smith’s baby, Dannilynn. I am just happy she can now rest in peace.

DNA Collected From James Brown

james brown - openhere.com
Hopefully James Brown will rest in peace soon but not before some DNA was collected from him. Tomi Hynie who claims to be his fourth wife, stood before his body as DNA was collected for a possible paternity test for her son. Hynie’s five year old son, James Brown Jr., was not included in the late singer’s will. Hynie said this allowed her to say goodbye to Brown in private which she said she was denied at two earlier memorial services. Funeral director Charles Reid of Augusta, GA said he is ready for his friend to be buried. I hope he is buried soon as well.

Judge Gives Foxy Brown One More Chance

foxy brown - associated press
Foxy Brown was in court in New York on Thursday and was allowed to remain free . The judge warned her if she violates her probation one more time to jail she goes. Brown was recently arrested in Florida after being accused of throwing hair glue and spitting on a beauty supply owner after he asked her to leave the store so he could close for the night. Brown claims she was assaulted by cops and drugged from the store after the incident happened. Poor Foxy. Stay in those anger management classes girl.

Chris Brown Gets His Sidekick Hacked

chris brown - www.billboard.com
First Ne-Yo, and now it looks like Chris Brown got his sidekick hacked and he had some pictures on there of him in compromising positions. You can take a look at them on this site if you got ten dollars to waste. The only people dishing out money on that site will probably be 14 year old girls and my sister (don’t tell her I told yall she likes all those little young singers.) I tell her she’s going to jail but he’s legal now so I guess she’s straight.

Watch Who You Have Watch Your Kids….

justin -www.uptoparr.com

justin -www.uptoparr.com
Pictures surfaced recently of Diddy’s son Justin receiving lap dances from different women at party in New Jersey. Diddy’s Ex Misa Hylton told Hot 97’s Miss Info that neither her or Diddy were in attendance at the party and were furious and fired the bodyguards that were hired to watch him. Misa also denied rumors that she asked Diddy for more child support. I’m sorry those women need to be beat dancing on a 12 year old like that.

Beyonce Was Exposed To Hepatitis A

beyonce - www.blackplanet.com

Beyonce was exposed to Hepatitis A recently when she attended a Sports Illustrated cover party on Valentine’s Day. An employee of Wolfgang Puck that catered the party was diagnosed with the disease. Fortunately, Beyonce said she did not eat at the party.

Congratulations To Fantasia and Michelle Williams

fantasia barrino - celebrity.aol.com/people
Fantasia recently won a role to play Celie in the Broadway production of The Color Purple. She performed “I’m Here” recently on American Idol and The Oprah Winfrey Show and she was fantastic. I wish I could go see it. Here’s her performance on Oprah.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYYMr3CS2uY%5D

michelle williams - www.eurweb.com
Michelle Williams won the part of Shug Avery in the Chicago production of the play. I can just see her squeaky voice doing that part.

Ray J Gets Around

ray j and kim - www.uptoparr.com
Supahead, Kim Kardashian, Whitney Houston, now… Lil Kim. Ray J was spotted recently arm in arm with rapper Lil Kim at a Vibe magazine pre-Oscar party. The two were apparently driving in style in a new Ferrari that Ray J is rumored to have purchased with money he received from the sale of his sex tape. Vivid Video halted distribution of the sex tape he made with model Kim Kardashian. Kardashian is threatening to sue the company over the tape.


ludacris - associated press
Condolences to Ludacris on the recent passing of his father, Wayne Bridges. He was battling a long term illness. The rapper recently won a Grammy and he spoke of his father in his acceptance speech. “Wayne Bridges I love you to death.” the rapper said from the podium. He said his father introduced him to music. Wayne Bridges was 52.

dennis johnson - www.espn.com
Also condolences to the family Of Dennis Johnson former player of the Boston Celtics. He died recently after collapsing at a practice of his developmental team. Johnson was 52. I remember the Celtics always having a rivalry with my home team the Pistons when I was growing up. He was a great player.

Top At The Box Office

1. Ghost Rider

2. The Number 23

3. Bridge To Terabithia

4. Reno 911: Miami

5. Norbit

In Theaters This Week

Wild Hogs Starring Martin Lawrence


Black Snake Moan Starring Samuel L Jackson (locking a white woman up in his house can’t wait for controversy on this one.)

Top Of The Charts

R and B/ Hip Hop Albums

1. In My Songs – Gerald Levert

2. The Evolution Of Robin Thicke – Robin Thicke

3. Convicted – Akon

4. Soundtrack – Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls

5. Late Night Special – Pretty Ricky

Top R and B/Hip Hop Songs

1. Lost Without You – Robin Thicke

2. You – Lloyd featuring Lil Wayne

3. Throw Some D’s – Rich Boy Featuring Polow Da Don

4. This Is Why I’m Hot – Mimms

5. Poppin – Chris Brown Featuring Jay Biz

Celebrity Birthdays This Week

March 1st

Harry Balfonte (Actor) , 80

Booker T (Wrestler) , 42

Sammie (Singer), 19

March 3rd

Herschel Walker (Former NFL Star) , 45

Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Former Olympic Track Star) , 45

Hattie Winston (Actress), 62

Tone-Loc (Rapper), 41

Lil Flip
(Rapper) , 26

March 4th

Miriam Makeba (Folk Singer), 75

Bobby Womack (singer), 63

Mykelti Williamson (Actor), 47

Grand Puba (Rapper), 41

March 5th

Marsha Warfield (Actress/Comedian), 53

Teena Marie (Singer), 51

Fred Williamson (Actor/Ex-Football Player), 69

Rome (Singer), 37

March 6th

Shaquille O’Neal (NBA Star), 35

Marion Barry (Former DC Mayor) , 71

D L Hughley (Actor/Comedian) , 44

Mary Wilson (Singer, The Supremes), 63

Yvette Wilson (Actress/Comedian), 43

Beanie Segal (Rapper), 33

Bubba Sparxx (Rapper), 30

Well that is it for now.

Peace and Blessings,

Soul Star

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