I am Hip to the Duo

Whoa-wee I have been super busy, which results in super tiredness.  Mr. Maven and I have been taking some classes and we have family visiting.    Then I started Facebook-ing. *Sorry, I am late to that party*  I reconnected with some friends that I had not heard from in years (some years in the double digits.)  Good times.

Being on Specktra.net nor watching YouTube tutorials is not good for anyone’s wallet, especially mine.  I joined the site because I was a huge MAC fan.  Then I was exposed to other department store brands and even drugstore stuff that I poo-pooed. *Don’t judge me* LOL 🙂 .  Most people start with drugstore brands, which I did back in the day e.g. Revlon and Max Factor only, then moved to Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique and  MAC.  I never thought I would go back to trying drugstore brands, except for mascara (never went high-end).

So I decided to get one L’Oreal Hip Duo in Brazen (at the recommendation of Yummy411 aka Kia).  Since she is a big time makeup artiste (She is quite humble), I ask her recs on various non-MAC products.  Anyway, I loved the brown side as a nice crease-creating color.   I will use the pink side soon.   Ok, so I decided to check out more.  Thank goodness, I waited for the BOGO Free at Walgreens and CVS.  I did not want to get too many as I have many dupes of the colors they offer.  (I know I am also late to the L’Oreal Hip Duo scene!)  Recently, I added Playful and Adventurous Duos to my collection.  I like the Hip Duos because they are a reasonably priced and suitable dupes of MAC products i.e. good pigmentation.  There is little fall out and you do not need to use a special base i.e tacky base too apply.  Since, I am a wonderful cousin, I have been getting my cousin, who is a poor college student, the Duos, so she can be extra cute when going around campus.

So here is my FOTD on my way to Costco.  (Who loves the free samples?!?!)

(All products MAC unless noted)


  • MSF Dark
  • NYX Concealer in Nutmeg


  • Matte Gel
  • Painterly Paint Pot
  • Peach side from the L’Oreal Hip Duo Playful
  • Expensive Pink
  • Shimmery cocoa brown side from the L’Oreal Hip Duo Playful
  • Too Faced Super NovaGlam e/s
  • Twinks e/s
  • Blonde brown side of L’Oreal Hip Duo Adventurous
  • Tempting e/s (lower lashline)
  • LA Colors Lash Building Mascara in Black
  • Too Faced Foiled in Black


  • Sweet As Cocoa
  • Nars Torrid


  • Pucker Tendertone
  • Strapless (Lustre)

I find that I have trouble with orange and corally shadows, regardless of the brand.  This is the first time I made Expensive Pink work.  I promised that I would not repurchase Expensive Pink, but I may change my mind.  I still cannot get the Orange side of Flare to work, maybe all I need is a better base.  I am definitely getting some UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) ASAP!!

Are there any colors that just do not work for you?

Mix Maven

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  • Rude Boi August 1, 2008 at 9:47 AM

    What?!?! No Batman????? You said Duo’s!!!

  • Mix Maven July 29, 2008 at 3:49 PM

    Thanks Brittany….I am glad you understand because I did not what to do for a long time. Sushi Flower is the spawn of the enemy because it is satin. I think it is great color, but a different texture would make it better!

  • kia July 28, 2008 at 2:27 PM

    greeeattt look! don’t hurt em at costco’s with the fresh perm LOL!

  • Jam Bella July 28, 2008 at 2:13 PM

    very pretty

  • Brittany July 28, 2008 at 11:53 AM

    You made E.Pink work! This color was always a struggle for me. So much that I took it back. Even worse was Sushi Flower. A beautiful coral color that did not adhere to ANY of the bases that I used. It was beyoooond chalky. But you, my sis, are rockin’ this!