PROS AND CONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do people feel when it comes to masturbation?  For some, it’s the next best thing to sex. Some even preferring masturbation over intercourse while others want nothing to do with it. Why do some people not feel comfortable with masturbation? To breakdown the answers to the questions, I gathered friends to discuss the pros and cons of masturbation.  


There have been some rave reviews on masturbation.  It ranges from “GO MASTURBATION” to “ITS THE BEST THING FOR YOU.”  Some of the benefits include learning about your body and what helps you to achieve an ORGASM.  Women like that masturbation helps them to become comfortable with their own bodies.  Men and Women both agree that masturbation relieves stress and is excellent act of foreplay. For couples, it provides mutual stimulation and a way to add a little spice your sex life. Additionally ladies and gents, masturbation is a safe alternative to sex. No worries about contracting an STD. And finally, if you find that you are having difficulties getting to sleep at night, try your hand at masturbation. It’s the best “sleep aid” around and just think, you don’t even need a prescription. It works every time especially when you give yourself a really good orgasm.  You’ll be snoring moments later. 


If there are pros there must be cons right? Not really but this is what some people had to say.  Masturbation is only a temporary satisfaction.  It does the job for the moment.  Some partners might feel inept believing that there partner is masturbating because they are not being satisfied. I tell you my friends not true. Go back and read the pros and consider masturbating with your partner. Some felt like they rather have the real deal instead of the temporary relief.  The real deal is always great but don’t deprive your self of a much needed orgasm simply because you don’t have anyone around at the moment. What if your partner is thousands of miles away and you have to resort to phone sex, would you masturbate then? Sure it’s still not the real deal but again remember just because you’re masturbating doesn’t mean you have to do it solo. You’ve got to think out of the box. I believe that masturbation is a healthy part of any sexual relationship just like oral sex and while it should not be a substitute for intercourse it provides sexual awareness and allows for couples and partners to be creative in their relationships. For more information on masturbation, check out Not everyone knows about the horror stories of masturbation so check it. But some things you should just know better. Remember to keep it safe people!!     

Remember: Self service is handy and exciting when done right.

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  • Fancy Kitten March 30, 2007 at 7:32 PM

    “Self service is handy.” No pun intended hahaah!!. Can you recommend a couple sex toys?