Sex in Public Places

The question arose, why do people like having sex in public places?

Of course I had to ask my friends this very question. Some of the answers that surfaced were:

  • “People like to do it for a change of pace, for the excitement, and for the joy of taking a RISK, RISK and RISK.”
  • “Sex on the beach or under a waterfall is so romantic. Just having sex in the rain can add a little spice to any relationship (if a sista don’t mind getting her hair wet…just schedule an appointment for the next morning).”
  • “I think people do for the thrill. The thrill that someone may be watching and the spontaneity of the act. The carnal desire of animal attraction can not be confined to the bedroom”
  • “It’s exciting and thrilling. It’s like stealing – you know you are not suppose to do it. But when you don’t get caught, the action of almost getting caught is exhilarating.”
  • “It is a turn on to have sex any where but the bedroom. Mix that with having sex outside the house all together – YUM!”
  • And lastly, “It keeps the excitement going in the relationship alive.”

Why all the excitement? Wikipedia tells us:

“A study concluded people engage in public sex because the risk of getting caught during the act of sexual intercourse is an arousing situation due to an increase in the adrenaline being produced.”

John Legend shows us that he just doesn’t care with “P.D.A.”

Here are some reasons why people have sex in public: (source)

  • Space
    Often public sex becomes an option when there is simply nowhere else to go. Sexually inexperienced or anxious adolescents may choose the back seat of a car instead of their parents’ house. Similarly, college students may search for private places on their college campuses because their dorms are so crowded that others would be able to hear sexual activities.
  • Urgency
    There are times in sexual relationships when the level of lust rises so high that sex must take place as soon as possible. A wheat field, the woods or a rowboat are all places that, under normal circumstances, are not convenient places to have sex. However, under the influence of strong sexual desire, these places may become perfectly acceptable.
  • Bragging Rights
    Sometimes people are presented with the opportunity to have sex in a place so unique or wild that they will engage in sex simply for the “bragging rights,” or the opportunity to recap the act and take satisfaction in having done something distinctive. Such places include the rim of the Grand Canyon, the top floor of the Empire States Building, or during mid-flight on an airplane.
  • Legend
    Certain places have a reputation as fun places to have sex. The most notable is the beach, which has been romanticized to the point of having an alcoholic drink named after the conquest (“Sex on the Beach”).
  • Variety
    For some couples, doing new things and keeping life novel is very important. The quest for varied experience may lead people to have sex in phone booths, elevators, dark dance clubs, airplanes, trains, and on ski lifts. For some, these acts turn into exhibitionism, as the excitement of having sex in public places heightens the other turn-ons. Some people get aroused if they know other people are listening or watching them have sex.
  • Being Naughty
    Some people are taught as children and teenagers that sex is dirty or naughty, and having sex in a place where they should not may add to the overall excitement of the act. Instances of naughty public sex may include having sex in the boss’ office, a parent’s bed, or the balcony of a movie theatre.
  • I think Johnny Gill gets the idea with Love In An Elevator.”

    So there you have it! If skydiving is too much of an adrenaline rush for you, have sex in public. šŸ™‚

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    • Dana December 20, 2007 at 2:21 PM

      Hi, my name is Dana Squilla and I work for a national women’s magazine writing their embarrassing/funny moments page. A current topic i’m working on is, “My most mortifying caught in the act moment!” I was curious to know if you know of anyone who would be willing to participate with this and share their story whether they were having sex in public, or someone walked in on them. THanks and i’m looking forward to your response!


      [email protected]

    • Velvety September 12, 2007 at 1:22 PM

      I think it’s the thrill factor. You do something which you aren’t supposed to do. But I am amazed how they can do it.

    • Miss Loden September 10, 2007 at 9:13 AM

      You made my day with Johnny Gill! I refuse to believe that he is gay! LOL! Yall make me wanna grab my man and hit a park or something. I can’t hate on people who are into that PDA stuff any more.