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Happy Independence Day

Tweet I have noticed over the past few years that Americans do not say “Happy Independence Day,” but “Happy Fourth of July.”  On this day, we are celebrating liberty and independence from the British.  This holiday is more than bbqs (I enjoy) and fireworks (can do without).   We need to contemplate the freedoms and rights […] Read more…

NYX Cosmetics* Sale @ Nonpareil Boutique

O Canada Pt.2

Tweet When it comes to beauty finds, Canada is quite egalatarian.  You can find Clinique at Sears; Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden, and Cover FX at Shoppper’s Drug Mart (SDM), which is comparable to CVS or Walgreen’s.  These brands are found in major department stores here in the United States. Last year, I was looking to purchase […] Read more…

O Canada

Tweet I love Canada and the national anthem.  The Canadian national anthem seems easy on the vocal cords.  My favorite line is, “We stand on guard for thee.”  When I was younger, I thought people were singing, “we stand on God for thee.”  I was always trying to figure out what that meant, thinking why […] Read more…

I Love Cherry Culture and Dollar Store Hauls

I Love Randy Jackson’s Presents America’s Best Dance Crew

Tweet I love watching MTV’s (me watching is a rarity these days) Randy Jackson Presents American’s Best Dance Crew (Dang that is a long A$$ name 😉 . (Sidebar: this is the only competition show I watch… No Idol, no America’s Got Talent, No So You Think You Can Dance et al.) As of now, […] Read more…

I Love Maroon 5

Tweet I love me some Maroon 5.  Last summer I was rocking this album on a, seemingly, endless loop, so I was excited to hear about the release of the  Deluxe CD/DVD of “It Won’t Soon Before Long”  I loved this album because of the 80s elements, sexy lyrics and soft ballads. I love the […] Read more…

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