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Happy Monday Glossy Ones!



Jill Scott is back with “Hate On Me.” This song not only has a great empowering message, it rocks!


Check out Jill’s shoes at the 3:30 mark in the video.

Jill’s Shoes from “Hate On Me” Video

They remind me of this Nine West shoe that I have been eyeing:

The Disopra is one of my faves. A must have!


– From Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, July 2007

  • Change the color of your bathroom walls to something soothing like a gentle blue, a pastel green or even a pale lilac. If you are in an apartment, hang some of your favorite pictures on the walls.
  • Keep large, thick, 100% cotton bath towels close at hand. They will maintain their softness if you only use them for certain occasions (like your personal spa days).
  • Get aromatherapy candles to match your bathroom color scheme. Not only will the soft glow make you feel relaxed, the scent will be calming as well.
  • Purchase or make your own bath oil. To soothe achy muscles, combine Epsom salt with a few drops of essential oil and add to your bath water.
  • Move a portable CD player into the bathroom and gather up some relaxation music.
  • Make sure you have plenty of soft washcloths, scented soaps/shower gels/scrubs and face masks on hand.
  • Keep a special, ultra plush or comfortable robe handy that you use just for your personal spa days.
  • Include a tropical plant or two in your bathroom for natural lushness.

TEN SIGNS OF BURNOUT by Dr. Steve Stephens, Psychologist and Speaker

  1. Lack of Energy
  2. Loss of Enjoyment
  3. Apathy
  4. Avoiding People
  5. Hard to get Motivated
  6. Lowered Productivity
  7. Trouble with Sleeping
  8. Change in Appetite
  9. Poor Concentration
  10. Difficulty Making Decisons

~ From Lists to Live by – The Fourth Collection, 2002


For some reason, we get catalogs in my mother-in-law’s name in the mail all the time. Last week, a Lew Magram catalog arrived and wow, the dresses are hot and the sizes range from Misses 6-16 and Women’s 16W – 26W. Check out these two that caught my eye. If I only had some where to wear one of these!



Wow! “Let him come on, let him loose!” I’m not mad at the Pastor! I came across this clip on – most of the stories are crummy, but there are some gems in the mix. Being in a unique position at my church, I see a lot of background things that the average church person does not see. It is a trip how this lady, who probably considers herself to be a devout Christian, acted nothing like a Christian (See the 0:49 second mark). I once attended a church where a member called the Pastor (a lady) a b****. Lord have mercy!


I know it’s hot in the South, but wow, it has been raining here since Saturday. Here are some of my favorite rain related songs….


I Can’t Stand The Rain by Tina Turner – I loved this song as a child!


SWV’s Rain is a classic – you just can’t lose with any SWV song.


I loved Jade! I hate they disappeared. While Mr. Do Right has a little rain in the beginning and the chorus starts off with “Can someone stop this rain from falling on my face,” this is a song you play when it’s a stormy night with your lover!


Johnny Gills knows he SANG this song! Whew! Can You Stand The Rain by New Edition has got to be one of their greatest hits.

POETRY – from Thank You Lord by Maya Angelou (Part 2 of 2)

Some thought because they’d seen the sunrise

They’d see it rise again.

But death crept into their sleeping beds

And You took them by the hand.

Because of Your mercy, I have another day to live.

Let me humbly say

Thank You for this day

I want to thank You.

I was once a sinner (wo)man,

Living unsaved and wild,

Taking my chances in a dangerous world,

Putting my soul on trial.

Because of Your mercy,

Falling down like rain,

Because of Your mercy,

When I die, I’ll live again.

Let me humbly say

Thank You for this day.

I want to thank You.

Encourage one another daily

~ Hebrews 3:13 NIV

Be Encouraged This Week!

~ J.R.

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  • Joy August 20, 2007 at 4:34 PM

    Love the additional tips Kia! Keep them coming! 🙂

  • kia August 20, 2007 at 3:01 PM

    i see jill in those high steppers!

    two things to add to the perfect spa list: turn the ringer off on your phones and schedule your spa time when the kid(s) are off at cousin’s house!