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Tweet A few months back, I wrote a post about layers. Ok, so I have been thinking about the fear of make-up. Recently, a friend of mine purchased one of MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish (can be used as a blush). She was very disappointed that the color payoff was not what she expected. She was ready […] Read more…

Glossy Monday Variety

Tweet Happy Labor Day Glossy Ones! MONDAY MELODY For all my working people, in honor of Labor Day, here’s Vanessa Williams performing “Work To Do.”  Check out the music video here.  TEN WAYS TO BE YOUR VERY BEST – by Jeness Ruhanen, from Practice Extreme Self Care. Create 10 Delightful Daily Habits. Get Rid of […] Read more…

Glossy Monday Variety

Tweet Happy Monday Glossy Ones!   MONDAY MELODY While this song did not get much radio play in my area, I always loved it.  Beyonce’s “A Woman Like Me” is from the “Pink Panther” soundtrack.  Can any of you relate to the message? SEVEN TIPS FOR MAKING YOURSELF HAPPIER IN THE NEXT HOUR Boost Your […] Read more…

Monday Variety

Tweet Happy Monday Glossy Ones! SOJOURNER’S TRUTH (Source) Sojourner Truth gave her famous “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech at the 1851 Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. (The women’s rights movement grew in large part out of the anti-slavery movement.) No formal record of the speech exists, but Frances Gage, an abolitionist and president of […] Read more…

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